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We would like to thank those who have visited Vandane Great Danes and signed our guestbook. If you haven't yet left us a message, please take some time to Sign our Guestbook

Sara of USA
Web Site: site is good!
Visited us on: Friday, 10 Feb 2006
Message: site is good!
Floss & the Fisherman Taylor of Hobart, Tasmania
Visited us on: Friday, 4 Nov 2005
Janine Young of Australia
Visited us on: Thursday, 21 Jul 2005
Message: Your dogs look beautiful. I am looking for a new puppy. yours are so cute!!!
Elaine Dowden of Brisbane
Visited us on: Friday, 14 Jan 2005
Lydia of Cairns
Visited us on: Thursday, 25 Nov 2004
Message: Wonderful site and such beautiful dogs and see a responsible breeder! Congratulations on your lovely dogs!
Marion of Switzerland
Web Site: Danes in Action
Visited us on: Wednesday, 14 Jan 2004
Message: Hello congratulation to your beautyful Danes. I realy enjoyed visiting your HP. Regards Marion
Vicki of Melbourne
Web Site: Bytheway Ragdoll Cats
Visited us on: Sunday, 7 Dec 2003
Message: Oooops I meant DOG TRAINING not Dig Training Once again Take Care Vicki
Vicki of Melbourne (Originally Townsville)
Web Site: Bytheway Ragdolls
Visited us on: Sunday, 7 Dec 2003
Message: Hi Guys How's Townsville going? I have just purchase my first Dane a few mths ago. She is an absolute darling. She is currently making video's on dig training that will be available Australia wide (My Girl Is A Star). I have decided to now breed with her eventually as I have had so many comments on how nice her type is. Hopefully be back in Townsville living at the start of 2005 (Fingers crossed) Who knows with the Army, knowing my luck I will end up in Darwin. Best of luck in 2004. Vicki
Kim of Brisbane
Visited us on: Friday, 21 Nov 2003
Message: Vance, Our Dog merlot is great. Thank you ..
Eamon P. Clune of Greenwich, Ct., USA
Web Site: Holbrook, NSW, Australia
Visited us on: Thursday, 13 Nov 2003
Message: Well, I finally made it Down Under to have a look around. Looks alright. G-day.
Barry of Australia
Visited us on: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2003
Message: Hi Vance & Gail, Hope you are all ok. Regards Barry
Empire of Nick of Empire of Nick
Web Site:
Visited us on: Sunday, 31 Aug 2003
Message: Great Page! Check out mine too!
Renee Sugars of Townsville
Visited us on: Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003
Message: Hey there Palmers!
Tammy and Jeff Ingram of Blackwater
Visited us on: Monday, 4 Aug 2003
Message: Hi Vance, We bought a fawn bitch of you 3 years ago, she now has now had her first litter of 6 puppies all very cute and doing well.
Duygu Boran of Turkey
Web Site: ~ * ~ W.G. - Play and Win Free Cash ~ * ~
Visited us on: Friday, 1 Aug 2003
Message: ~ * ~ Excellent website.You did a good job.Good luck... ~ * ~
barry vivian of kingaroy
Web Site: nill
Visited us on: Sunday, 27 Apr 2003
Message: gday see u's
Eamon P. Clune of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Web Site:
Visited us on: Sunday, 20 Apr 2003
Message: Picturebook. CLICK HERE!
Chia Cassandra of Singapore
Visited us on: Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003
Message: You've got the most beutiful and handsome fawns i have seen after surfing around all the fawn breeders!
Eamon Clune of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Web Site: Welcome to
Visited us on: Monday, 30 Dec 2002
Message: Just a few words, now I write
Your page looks great, outtasight
If you get a moment, check out mine
Your visit will be worth your time

Hier klicken um zu besuchen.

Michele Neale of Gladstone, Queensland
Visited us on: Saturday, 16 Nov 2002
Message: Hi Vance and Gayle, My husband and i have tallek it over and we would really love to buy a little girl(fawn) from your next litter. Could you please e-mail us information ie price and approx due date. Thanks Kris and michele
kim hunt of shailer park qld
Visited us on: Thursday, 10 Oct 2002
Message: Hi Vance, Great site love the dogs, looking forward to owning one our selfs.. Thanks again Kim
Sky Measday of Australia, QLD, Mackay
Web Site: < None >
Visited us on: Tuesday, 25 Sep 2001
Message: Hi Vance, my name is Sky Measday and I'm interested in a fawn female Dane. I hear that your next litter is expected in January some time. I'm just curious as to who will be the father of the litter.
Rose Buffey of Maryborough, QLD
Visited us on: Wednesday, 22 Aug 2001
Message: Well Vance, I finally got to see your web site of the dogs. I will tell you are very hard to find on the web. Well woof woof to the family and the dogs too. Catch you around at one the shows. All the best Rose and family. :-)
Desma Parrott of Sydney, Australia
Visited us on: Sunday, 11 Mar 2001
Message: The pups are very cute. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your dogs that you talk about so often. I hope everything is a success.
Laura Brumfield of USA
Visited us on: Thursday, 8 Mar 2001
Message: I loved your website, and like your dogs,esp. Albert and Ras. Congradulations on your new site! But why didn't you,put up thier show pictures? Laura
Kirsty & Naomi of Mars!!!
Web Site: Naomi's adventures!
Visited us on: Monday, 5 Mar 2001
Message: New puppies are very cute (not very 'little' though!)
Craig Harcombe of Newcastle NSW Australia
Web Site: Danaclese Great Danes
Visited us on: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2001
Message: Welcome to the web Vance and Gayle. congratulations on your site!

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